Anne Millne-Riley – UKCP registered HypnoPsychotherapist

Anne Millne-Riley

BA Hons, Dhp, Dip, ANRHP
UKCP registered HypnoPsychotherapist

Member of the National Register of HypnoPsychotherapists and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Having worked in the business sector for many years, I later trained in Holistic Health and was drawn to specialize in the fields of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. I am committed to the well being of my clients, offering a warm and supportive environment and fully confidential service.

What is Hypnotherapy?

The phenomenon of hypnosis is a natural state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation, along with a heightened state of awareness. Hypnosis allows the unconscious mind to become more aware of and more receptive to positive thoughts, ideas and concepts.
Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique which aids the client to harness their own willpower and at all times the client is in full control, indeed Therapist and Client work together to bring about the clients desired outcome. It is the therapist’s role to create the conditions and resources for the desired change. As your therapist, it’s my job to ensure that you feel safe and secure and to guide and support you throughout the whole experience.
The change of consciousness brought about by hypnotherapy is extremely comfortable and relaxing, and is experienced naturally by  everyone in their daily lives. Everyone has experienced this trance like state, (although they may not have realised it) when daydreaming, or even reading and driving. Have you ever driven to a familiar destination and realised you can’t remember any of the journey? Or have you ever been so caught up in a TV programme or a film and discovered you have lost track of time?

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy uses a range of techniques intended to improve psychological and behavioural issues. As a trained therapist, I use therapeutic approaches to improve emotional or psychological issues. The focus is upon dealing directly with the clients emotional and psychological issues. My job as your therapist, is to bring about the supportive conditions to help you to grow, learn, heal and empower yourself. Because sensitive topics are often discussed during psychotherapy, therapists are expected, and legally bound, to respect  patient privacy and client confidentiality.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy are useful tools in the treatment of a large number of physical and emotional conditions and issues including:

Quitting Smoking
Fear and Anxiety
Childhood Issues
Sexual and Relationship Issues
Public Speaking
Exam and Driving Test Nerves
Sports Performance and ‘Yips’
Dentistry Fear Issues
Bereavement Phobias
Panic Attacks
Pain Control
Weight and Dietary Issues
Interview Nerves
Developing Assertiveness and Confidence
Stammering and Blushing
Nail biting
Performance Anxiety
Skin Complaints

Your Health…Your Well-Being


Other Modalities offered at this Clinic…

doTERRA – 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Traditional Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Fertility Acupuncture
Weight-loss Acupuncture.
Weight-Loss Body Wraps & Products
Aroma Facials
K.O.R.E. Therapy 

doTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils / AromaTouch / Slim & Sassy Body Wraps

Aromatherapy Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage, Facials

 Animal Healing, Hawaiian Healing, Merlin Healing, Psychic Healing, Reiki Healing, Universal Healing. 

Your Health…Your Well-Being
Complementary Health Centre – Penwortham
Preston, Lancashire
Tel: 01772 751122  

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