Meet the Team

Rosalynne Smith - Founder Member/Senior Practitioner/Acupuncture/ Complementary Therapies/doTerra International Pure Oil Therapies

Jayne Darkes – Reiki Healer/Space Clearing /Diana Cooper Accredited Teacher/doTerra International Pure Oil Therapy/Aroma Touch

Anna Krypczyk – Traditional Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Emma G Deyn – Kinesiology and Crystal Therapy

Jill Kirkham – Vortex & M-Energy Healer/Councillor

Jayne Morrisey – Yoga, Meditation & Chant, Reiki & Karuna Reiki, Crystal & Massage Terapy

Lyndsay Wright – Diploma Counselling MBACP Counsellor

Rachel Wesley – Councilor/ Reiki Master

Rosa Hughes – Medical Thermal Imaging

Kay Johnson – Nutritionist utilising NLP, EFT & Hypnotherapy, Behavioural Change Techniques

Maria Welch - Numerology & Past Life Regression

Zhor Woods – Reflexology, Swedish & Holistic Massage/Facials, doTerra Pure Oil Therapy


Complementary Health Centre – Penwortham
Preston, Lancashire
Tel: 01772 751122  

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